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Arizona Humor Mailing List

Humor From Arizona in your inbox
The Arizona Humor Mailing List selects the best and worst jokes posted on
Interest Group (SIG) and from other sources and e-mails them to people who
don't have access to azhumor on AzTeC.
This is G rated and PG rated
(clean) humor.
Arizona Humor Mailing List
- So funny, I forgot to laugh! Join the list
and remember.
Silly stories, unusual situations tasteful and tasteless
comedy, puns and limericks, bumper stickers, blondes, men and women
bashing, lots of variety.
The penguin joke will only be told privately.
Occasional, daily and weekly features depending on contributions.
Humorous quotes and sayings from Famous Quotations Network

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Owner: Bill Austin

Submitted On: 2001-08-09


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