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Apple Bytes Magazine

SOHO Business and Computing Magazine
Apple Bytes is a free weekly e-magazine that provides business and
computing tips and resources for home office and small business owners.
For anyone who runs their own business, you know time's at a premium.
Perhaps you are one of many self-employed folks who've considered the
purchase of a PC for your business but are a bit dubious because you've
never used one before. Perhaps your knowledge of computing is limited,
and quite frankly, it scares you to death! Maybe you're looking for some
new ideas for your business. Published every Friday, Apple Bytes will
feature news of interest in business and technology. It will examine the
latest in software for home office and small business users. The "An Apple
a Week" column will offer tips and tricks for those who'd rather head for
the hills than be faced with learning how to use the PC. It will also
offer business and computing tips that perhaps haven't been considered
before. The "Apple Bytes in the Kitchen" column will have a go at creating
quick and tasty meals tailor-made for busy people on the go.

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Owner: Lee Appleyard

Submitted On: 2001-12-18


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