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AdultTPFIC - Adult Tomorrow People Fan Fiction

AdultTPFIC - Adult Tomorrow People Fan Fiction :
The Adult TPFIC Mailing List is for the posting,
reading, discussion and critiquing of Adult fan
fiction based in The Tomorrow People (Original Series
and New Series) Television Universe. While this list
is primarily dedicated to adult fan fiction, all
Tomorrow People fan fiction is welcome.
The purpose of the Adult Tomorrow People Fan Fiction
Mailing List is to post original fan fiction for the
enjoyment of others. The list may also be used to
request critiques, issue challenges, request beta
readers and discuss stories and/or ideas brought up
in stories, and to discuss the television show The
Tomorrow People.
If you want to share fic or receive opinions on fic,
this is the list for you. If you want to read fic,
this is also the list for you.
AdultTPFIC accepts submissions in draft or finished

To Join:

You may subscribe to the list by sending an email to with the following message in the BODY of your email: subscribe adulttpfic Because this is an Adult list, where some fiction will be inappropriate for certain age groups, if you wish to subscribe, you must also send an email to the List Owner ( with an age statement. This age statement is simply for verification that you are old enough to subscribe to the list. Your subscription will not be approved until this age statement has been received.

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Owner: Michele Bumbarger

Submitted On: 2000-01-11


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