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Acme Widgets

fun things to do
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 14:12:36 -0600
Acme Widgets
Gadgets - Freeware by category
fun things to do:
Acme Widgets
Gadgets was made for people who love fun and free
things to do online. The monthly newsletter informs subscribers of
new freeware added to Acme Widgets
Gadgets. It includes links to
the actual files so you are not forced to go to the site to
download. It also briefly highlights other additions made to the
webpage, such as new online games or new humorous articles.

To Join: There is a subscription form on the main page, also one could send a simple email asking to be added to the list.

Web URL: []

Owner: Barbara Claridge

Submitted On: 1999-12-08


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