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Achieving Success

There are “How to” seminars on virtually every business topic. For the entrepreneur or mid-level manager, business seminars are effective networking tools as well as learning opportunities. During the course of a day you could have a tremendous amount of technical terms thrown at you, presentations on how to analyze marketing information, effective copywriting and sales letters that will guarantee a response. Lately, some gurus have realized that overwhelming attendees with technical how to’s won’t take them to that next level that will help them achieve financial freedom.

The solution has been to turn toward the inner self. To help them get rid of hidden negative beliefs and replace them with winning beliefs. By incorporating in introspective behaviors, anything they teach about real estate, marketing, copywriting becomes at least ten times more powerful for the dreamers. Realistically, there is little point in being taught how to write great copy or how to attract copious numbers of people to your website if buried convictions are interfering with your attempts, correct?

In my newsletter I share with people a method called by me TEN ATTRIBUTES PATH. It is a method developed after years researching the life of successful people. It is really cool.

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Owner: Pedro Avalos

Submitted On: 2005-07-02


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