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Abiding in Christ - A periodic teaching devotional for Christians

Abiding in Christ - A periodic teaching devotional for Christians:
Abiding is a periodic teaching devotional for committed Christians
as well as those still investigating Christianity. It's question and
answer format facilitates easy understanding of sometimes very
difficult concepts. All answers are Bible based.
In each issue you will enjoy the following:
Today's Scripture: This is usually scripture that is relative to our
question for this particular day.
Today's tough question: A question about the Bible or God, or
relative to the Bible or God. Questions may be submitted by
subscribers. Answers provided are Biblical.
Some recently answered questions:
How do we become justified?
Why did Jesus need to pray?
Did God choose us, or did we choose Him?
Where did Cain's wife come from?
Today's miracle: Either directly from the Bible, an observed miracle
from any era.
Today's example of God's love: Again either from the Bible, or any
other observation of an example of God's love for us.
Today's prayer: A little talk with God.

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Owner: Wayne C. Weeks

Submitted On: 2000-02-21


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