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Tue, 6 Mar 2001 17:38:29 -0600
A list for women striving for a better life:
An email list for women striving for a better life for greater
independence and happiness.
Tired of throwing the good after the bad!
Are you ready to make a change for yourself, or just need to let off steam
about being stuck in a bad place.
Or maybe you just want to be a part of
a woman's support group.
This list is for women wanting a better life or just to promote woman's
issues. This is an encouragement based group for women wanting more
independence in life.
There are many demands placed on women today in marriage, parenting, work
or just making ends meet financially. It is HARD to keep up and have a
good life.
Together we can help make a better day. Share with us your
ideas of; ways to earn extra income, handle child care issues, live with
less stress, being a mother, employment, or anything else that comes with
finding what you as a WOMAN need in life.
It ain't easy..... how do you do it?

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Owner: LJ Morgan

Submitted On: 2001-03-06


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