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A-Multi-Diet-Forum - Discuss Multi-Diet Techniques of Weight Loss

A-Multi-Diet-Forum - Discuss Multi-Diet Techniques of Weight Loss:
Discussion group to learn The Multi-Diet Technique for weight loss.
The Multi-Diet combines all other methods' best features together
with new findings that eliminate the blocking factor that usually
makes dieting so miserable and ineffective. People fail to lose
weight because ordinary diets allow them to cut back on certain
necessary nutrients as well as on fat
Calories. The body rebels
in every possible way against any lack of any important nutrient.
The Multi-Diet technique is about cutting back only on Calories
while consciously ensuring more than enough of everything else.
This is done using ordinary supermarket concentrated natural foods
and supplements. Since hunger and "overeating" are caused only by
the body's need for nutrients, there is no hunger when this need
for nutrients is satisfied properly while still maintaining a
Calorie deficit.
This is a serious solution to a serious problem. 97 million American
adults are officially overweight (55% of the population) and 300,000
of them die each year from this condition alone.
Discusses the entire technique - in color, pdf format, 120-pgs.

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Submitted On: 2000-02-04


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