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A Fabulously Wonderful Excuse for a Cooking Ezine -

Thu, 13 Jul 2000 16:31:32 -0500
A Fabulously Wonderful Excuse for a Cooking Ezine -
A Delicious Ezine
that's More Than Food!:
Scrunch your toes around in the moist sand as you sip pinacoladas on the
sun soaked shores of Hawaii...sheesh, sounds more like a cheesy romance
novel than an ezine with bite! We deliver the world of fine cuisine fresh
to your emailbox, sure you may not be able to eat to the tune if a Sports
Illustrated type tropical setting (my apologies Hawaiians!) but having the
food of exotic countries is the next best thing!, right? - for goodness
sakes - use your imagination! I promise you'll have fun!
With each issue you’ll discover that our ezine is so much more than just
food, you’ll learn the detailed histories and backgrounds behind each
recipe like where it orginated, when it was created, how it came to be and
any fascinating stories associated with each recipe.
Flirt your fancy
knowledge of exotic dishes with others!
Accompanying our delectable recipes is a gem of a little column called
Annette’s Desk”.
It discusses the human issues of passionate interest to
all of us like
what is age?”,
could your life be dramatically changed if
you turned a different corner using the famous
sliding doors
what beauty means to you”.
Together you and I will figure out some
answers by submitting me your opinions and comments.

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Owner: Annette Miller

Submitted On: 2000-07-13


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