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Mon, 6 Aug 2001 17:24:09 -0500
A monthly e-zine
Our intention is to
*Disseminate the Ancient Wisdom freed from dogma and creed
and to
*Relate its principles to everyday living so that all can
*Learn to live from the inner to the outer self and in so doing
*Have a better quality of life
As living standards rise there is less desire for the
opulent trappings of material success. The emphasis is changing and the
aim is towards a better quality of life with time to enjoy its finer
But whatever the desire, it will be much enhanced if one
understands and lives according to spiritual law. We aim to clarify that
law and to answer the age-old question 'what is the purpose of life?'

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Owner: Pilgrim Books, Lower Tasburgh, Norwich NR15 1LT UK

Submitted On: 2001-08-06


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