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101 Sales Myths

Selling is tough enough without using faulty selling methods!

STOP - ask yourself, do you really know which sales techniques work and which ones cost you sales success? Sure, every sales professional can use a little help from time to time. To learn which promotional methods cost you commissions and to obtain a series of proven techniques to replace flawed selling methods, use the link that follows to obtain a FREE periodic eTraining program from The $elling Edge,Inc. 

If you're not totally sure of your answers to the following questions, you need this training,

* When you give eye contact, "Which Eye Should You Look Into?" or does it really matter in a listing or sales presentation?

* When closing a sale, "Should You Give Eye Contact As You Ask For A Decision" or should you look away? 

* When is "Being Efficient In The Selling Process, not a good idea" for producing more listings or sales?

* What is "Psychological Reciprocity" and how does it effect your ability to consistently increase your sales success?

* Why does "Wearing Facial Hair To Look Older When Selling," reduce a man's ability to close sales by as much as 30%? 

* When can "Handing Out Your Business Card" cost you an appointment with a buyer or seller?

* How can "Seeking Permission To Probe For Information" reduce your ability to list or close a sale?

* Why is the phrase "It's Who You Know That Counts" invalid with today's savvy consumers?

* Why is the often touted technique of "Finding Common Ground" to build rapport, simply a waste of time?

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Submitted On: 2005-07-07


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