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*spark-online - Pop-Culture on-line ezine published monthly

*spark-online - Pop-Culture on-line ezine published monthly:
*spark will be an online magazine, published monthly on the
Internet. It will follow a rough outline of ideas that relate
to the world of electronic communication, and how we as
individuals exist within the world that it is attempting to
foist upon us. Capitalism, of course, isn't necessarily evil,
or bad. It just attempts to appeal to the masses in order to
turn a profit. Thus, we find that our entertainment consists
of fighting, feeding and fucking (the limbic, or primitive
drives). Things all humans innately understand. Yet, we here
at *spark also believe that humanity is more than the sum of
our animal instincts. We are creatures imbued with reason. We
are able to look at the world around us and attempt to understand
it. This is our divine nature. As members of *spark we believe
that all human beings possess this nature. Furthermore, that it
is a discussion of this world of reason, this divine nature that
is sorely lacking in modern society. Especially on ! the Internet.
We don't want to be highbrow, or snobbish, rather; we want to
engage the average person who is surfing the net with our ideas.
Further, we want to be able to challenge him or her to look at
themselves, and hopefully begin to question the world around them
that they essentially take for granted. It is through questions
that human beings begin the process of change. And change is one
of the traits of humanity that is most admirable. To create a
better world. We strongly believe that it is ideas that are the
first step in any process of renewal.

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Owner: *spark

Submitted On: 1999-08-31


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